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  1. 15 May, 2017
    What Can I Do to Prevent Foundation Damage?
    If you’re selling your house, consider going through this checklist yourself first to see if there are any red flags with your foundation.  I know, one more thing to add on the To-Do list.  But trust me, it may be worthwhile to fix anything you can on your own before the home and/or structural inspector get involved.  The home inspector’s report typically takes 24 hours to complete; the structural inspector’s report usually takes a few days, sometimes longer if there’s actual damage!  You want
  2. 07 May, 2017
    The Truth about Warranties
    Warranties can be a great tool, but only if you understand them.  The following are the most common warranties you will find: Lifetime Warranty:  You would think that with this title, you’re covered for life.  Turns out, the term “lifetime warranty” can mean as little as 7 years in some states.  Limited Warranty:  The term “limited” means that the items affected by the work are covered.  This type of warranty is the most common Manufacturer’s Warranty:  This warranty covers the products used for
  3. Does This House Have Foundation Issues?
    06 May, 2017
    Does This House Have Foundation Issues?
    Before you fall in love with and make an offer on a new home, do an initial inspection yourself to determine if there is any reason to suspect costly foundation repairs down the road.  To help you out, I've created this handy checklist to help raise red flags as you're looking at houses.  That’s right, you don’t need to hire anyone just yet.  Click here for the checklist.
  4. Structural Inspection vs. Home inspection
    03 May, 2017
    Structural Inspection vs. Home inspection
    The typical home inspection is very different than a structural inspection – don’t get them confused!  Let’s start with this scenario:  You’ve finally found a house you love and schedule the home inspection.  The home inspector looks around the outside and inside of the home including the garage, basement, crawlspace, etc. and notices cracks in your foundation walls.  The home inspection report says “structural issues with foundation” and your heart sinks.  Is the home of your dreams a lemon?